Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Where In The World Is...?"

I have been learning about the basics of the countries Madagascar, Barbados and Thailand. Theses countries aren't qualified in the world cup. We have had to research about them on a web site called C.I.A it is a web site that has facts about countries from all over the world. Soon will be researching about one of theses countries that we choose to pick out of. there are around about 80 countries that didn't qualify. We had to find out the capital city,population of the country,the flag,if its a continent and the national sports that they play. The country that i picked was Madagascar.

This is the flag of Barbados.
Carribean Island in the North Antlantic Ocean northeast of
Venezulea .Bridge Town is the Capital city of
Barbados.The population of Barbados is 286,705.Barbaos
takes Cricket quiet seriously.
People from
Barbados playing Cricket
This is the flag of
The continent that Madagascar is located in is Africa. It is
located in the Southern Africa, Island in the Indian Ocean
east of Mozambique. The capital city of Thailand is
Antananarivo. The population of Thailand is
21,926,221.The national sports is
Football,Boxing,Judo,Tennis,Basketball and many more.

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This is a pitcher of the map of Madagascar.

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Shontal S.x said...

Hey Gabrielle.
That story of your's had a lot of information, Although it did have a few mistakes. But I'm sure that you would fix them!!!
But I hope too see more post's in the future

From- Shontal (Beestie)