Thursday, November 25, 2010

Surf Life Saving At Mairangi Bay

“Where’s Mairangi bay?” I asked Ocean “I dont know” she answered. On Friday the 19 th the year 7’s went on a trip to mairangi bay for our water safety .

“Whoo!” it’s cold. As I stood out of the bus trying to keep warm my arms had goose bumps all over it “far out its freezing” I said. Walking up the stairs still trying to keep warm we all went and sat in a room the room was sandy and still cold. The three ladies stood their and one by one introduced themselves by saying their name and which beach they are from.

“Ahhhh!” Sharon stop it” Sharon was dinging my legs up in the sand it felt wet and soft. “Raaa!’’ I yelled and smashed out of the sand then I was free. Then along came Ngaina and threw the sand at my neck and my neck felt so so rough.

“Whooo hooo!” the waves rushed over to me as i got ready to ride them i jumped on my board and rode for a good 10 seconds. The waves left me coughing . The day in the water was full of laughter, screams and coughs from the waves. That was my highlight of the day.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The remarkale "Millipede"

This is a Millipede. As you may know the Millipede has thousands of legs. The name “Millipede” is a Latin name. “Milli” means thousands and “pede” means legs. They have long smooth segments (a part of the body that can be separated or cut off). When disturbed they curl themselves up. Millipedes have two pairs of legs on each side. Unlike Centipede’s they only have 1 pair of legs on each side. Finally the Maori name for the Millipede is “Werimano’’.