Monday, August 25, 2008


M.S.B flys around the bird nest stadium and he sees Shawn Johnson practicing on the balance beem so he flys in and says
hello Shawn can I asks you some questions like how do you balance and how do you do all those amazing flips.

Shawn ; Well it takes years of practise and you have to forces and you have to be able to flip.

M.S.B; Well Shawn that must be hard.But how do you do the spits and go on the uneven bars it looks hard Johnson.

Shawn ; Like I said it takes years of practise.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We are the champion

This term we are learning about WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. We are learning about this becuse it is olympic time and our country wants to win.Our school learns about this each four years it is cool to learn about this.My person I am learning about is Shawn Johnson she does gymnastic.When she was getting interveiwed she started to perfomed on the uneven bars it was amazing to see her perfoming.

We are the champion

Monday, August 18, 2008


All of a sudden the drums went boom boom bang we are beijing it is the capatil of china the lights went on 2008 traditonal chinese drummers were all going at the same time.The drums were vibrating. The fireworks with foot prints it was big infact there was 29 of them it lead us to the bird nest stadium. The fairies wer colouerful they were flying and something amazing happen the olmypic rings were flying by it self. There were 56 other countrys in china there was also a little girl singing she was only nine years old. There was a tia chi woman she was flexible.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

cross country

Ow my legs are getting a cramp I said to Helen Tupo as we were practising for cross country. I was tired as if i had been runing for hours my shoes were geting undone my toes were saw and my heart was pounding. I was getting thirsty and I was getting hanger.

When we started Helen tupos time and mine was 11;41;00 and our 2ND time was 11;43;15 sec.

I am going to beat my time.

cross country

Monday, August 4, 2008

immerion assembly.

At the immersion assembly it was fun because the teachers dressed up with stuff that has got to do with WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. The res ion why we are learning about WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS because the Olympics is coming up soon and N.Z wants to win the Olympics.I think i like learning abouyt the olympics.