Monday, August 29, 2011

Silly Sports Day

"Do we have Sports day today?" I yelled "how come our class didn't know about it?" I question Sharon. "This was really unexpected" I thought to my self, but at the same time really exciting, I wanted to see what sort of Sports that they were going to line up for today.

On Tuesday team five got all lined up and ready for a fun session of Silly Sports. We all strolled over to the bottom field where the equipment was set up, this was going to be exciting.

First up A Ball On A Spoon, it sounds easier than it is. We had to have partners with our legs tied together with a piece of sheet. My partner was Leni. "Ahhhhh!" Leni yelled as we both fell over with our ball rolling away from us. I tripped up on her leg and almost face planted on the ground "haaaa" I sighed, that was close.

With water splashing everywhere I didn't want to play I was still in my uniform. We got put into teams, the people in my team didn't know how to do team work. Jonty was mucking around, he was taking for ever just to squeeze out the water from the sponge into the bowl. Leni and I had soaked shoes because of all the boys in our team. It was fun because it was a hot day and that was the only water activity.

We hopped on to the next activity, Mrs Langitupu's objective of the game was to catch and get out the other players in the opposite team with out moving with the ball in your hand. There were four teams Blue, Yellow, Red and Green, I was in the Yellow team. The first colour we played against was green, we won then the next colour that we played against was Blue. No-wonder why the other team got out so fast because they were all boys except for Millney, she was the only girl because they were all boys and they knew how to communicate with each other. When it was their turn with the ball they were as fast as a hare, they got my team out in just minutes.

My favorite Silly Sport on that day was Mrs Nua's game because she had water involved with it and because it was really enjoyable.

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