Tuesday, March 30, 2010

KPE Episode 251

"Hey guess what!" we have just
finished our new Podcast, and
we are also the first year 7 at
Pt England School in history
to do one.We will be doing
another one and that's coming soon.
Check it out.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camp Kindness!!

''Hey guess what! '' We had a spectacular camp and it was fun . It was called Camp Kindness and it was great. We did a lot of fun activities and they were all Choice!. To kick off our start to our days of camp we did some Jump Jam and it was i was so so tiered of doing it. .Waka Ama was a great activity too and we learnt how to communicate with each other.
The next day our activity was a surprise everyone couldn't wait to see what it was ."Wow! look" I exclaimed to April with excitement. There it was it looked so fun they called it The Log Joust.That looked like a fun game to play .Savannah was the instructors name and we read out the rules the main rule was no hitting the head and that was my focuses on the game.I was so nervous but I just couldn't wait for my turn which was next.Then the time came Damien's turn was done so I put on my helmet and grabbed my shied and my weapon I climbed up. Then whistle had gone. ''Boom Bang!'' I hit Shontals leg three times ''ahhh!'' she screamed as she fell down ."Yeah I won I whispered to myself"there were two other activities and they were called Archery and The Dunker. But I really liked the Log Joust.