Thursday, June 30, 2011

Limerick about Pt England School

We go to Pt England School
We swim at YMCA pools
The boys play rugby
They are really ugly
I go to Pt England School


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The girl in the grey had a maid
Who seldom, in fact never, got paid
She was very tall ,
Had a head like a ball
The girl in the grey with a maid.

I got this photo from People Stock Photo's.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


If I was a Vampire
I would stay young forever,
If I was a Vampire
I would eat Leni,
If I was a Vampire
I would rob the bank,
If I was a Vampire
I would go to King of the Mountain and win the race,
If I was a Vampire
I would be friends with Edward Collin.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Biography On Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin the inventor of the Glass Armonica, Bifocals , Stove top, and many more . Franklin did not attend any university as he stayed home.

Born in Boston January 17th 1706 Benjamin Franklin the famous inventor. The tenth child of Joshiah Franklin the Soap marker and Abiah the mother of Benjamin Franklin. He died on April 17th of 1790 at 84 years old.

Ben was having trouble seeing at an old age trying to see close up and in the distance . Not much is said about he Milestone

Benjamin Franklin’s invention was important because he helped people to see, to cook , and to help them do a whole lot of other things. Ben helped his brother to print things out to.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Tall Tale

With all my family waiting at the door for my aunt to come. We all had butterflies and we were sure that they would have too.“Surprise!” my whole family yelled as my aunt walked through the door with her new born baby in her hand and her two kids on each side of her. There was party poppers everywhere and two tables full of food. Balloons were flying around the house and everyone was just really happy to see my aunt that came form Australia and we hadn't seen her in three years.

10 mins later I saw the head lights of another car coming up it was a long black car with two massive wheels on it that were spreed along it was a limo What I exclaimed whats a limo doing up here then out came Prince Williams, Prince Harry, Princess Kate and Queen Elizabeth everyone was screaming and we all sat around and ate with them.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kiwi Glen Martin is the inventor of the Martin Jet pack that can fly like a bird.

The Jet pack wasn't flying that high that the U.S media laughed and joked around about his invention that made him more determined to make it happen.

He said he would use a remote machine to control it at first with a crash dummy, then if its good enough than a person can act as pilot.

The Martin Jet pack that flew at Ashburton recently with a rocket propelled parachute flying over 5,000 mt high above sea level and landed safely.

This invention can do what a helicopter cant do such as fly around the sides of a cliff in between sides of a building and trees.