Monday, August 23, 2010

The Simpson's

The Simpson's is a family of five. They also have a black cat and brown dog. My favorite family member on the Simpson's is Homer he is my favorite because he loves to eat and eating is also my favorite thing to do too. His most loved food is Dunkin Doughnuts. That is one of my most loved foods too. My favorite Dunkin Doughnut is the Cream Barbarian and those little Munchkins. Lisa is the intelligent one out of Bart and Homer. Marge is the mum she is just like Lisa in every way. Maggie is the youngest of the three she will some day turn out like her mum and her sister Lisa. Bart is just like his father.

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Mui said...

Hi Gabs its me Mui, You really like the Simpsons dont you. Anyways I think you are right about Homer being your favourite charace in the simpsons. Anyways hope to see some - some more of your amazing posts