Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Amazing Board game.

This morning Ms T said to us to choose a partnerand a multiple intelligences blooms taxonomy. Together Maree and I created a board game using the higher level of thinking Creating, working on Visual /Spatial intelligences. To creat this board game we used Hyper Studio 5. The time that we were given was 2 hours and 50 minsthis is what Maree and I came up with. We had fun with this challange.

I made the boats.

Gabrielle made game board.

Keys:(the game board)

Red dots: Jesse Martins path

Numbers: The counts you go on.

What you Need to play:

Maxim 3 players.

1 dice

Tricks for the numbers:

4: Pirates of the caribeen to dangorus must go back 2 spaces.

7:Go a head to 14.

16: Storm go back 6 spaces.

18: Miss a turn.

19: Your back home congratulations

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