Wednesday, November 26, 2008


we all On Satuerday the 15th of November was April's birthday Shontal,Rina,Lilly and I went to Aprils birthday . First she picked us up and we had breakfast .For breakfast we had a hot choclate with marsh malos and a nice pices of cake it was nice and spongey.seacond we played sing star . Thiredjumend into the van and we all went to the Zoo. When we got outside of the Motat Spar parking we parked the car there and caught the tram to the Zoo. Weeat then we headed off to the to Giraff's they were so tall . My favoiut animal is the sea lions they swam in a cold cold water.


shontal said...


Hi Gabrielle that story was cool and that birthday was cool because i was there too it was cool when we saw Kingi off shortland street at the zoo

Good story BYE-BYE

Helen tupou said...

tru Bro ! ahahahahahahahah

April said...

Hey Gabby
It was cool was it.
What was you fave part when you went to the zoo because you didi'nt tell me.