Tuesday, September 9, 2008

shawn johnson speech

That was an absolutely great flip Shawn Johnson done on the balance beam she was om the opposite side of the beam it was an amazing flip.

Shawn Johnson is a gymnast she is 16 she was Born in 1992 the 1st of the 19Th. Shawn started gym when she was only 3. Shawn's highest achievement so far is being in the Junior team.

Shawn Johnson is a kind and caring girl her personalty is good.

She dose sit ups push up and likes the beam Shawn Johnson is fearless.

Shawn Johnson's support is MC Donald's, coca cola,Adda's, Hy Vee, and many more.

She has no time with family and no time with friends.

CONCLUSION; So Shawn Johnson was able to be a champion because she trained hard and won medals.

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Room 15 Pt England School said...


That speech was really cool Shawn Johnson is a pretty good gymnas AH i reckon but it would be saw if you had hurt yourself AH

See-Ya From Shontal Sue