Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We are the champion

This term we are learning about WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. We are learning about this becuse it is olympic time and our country wants to win.Our school learns about this each four years it is cool to learn about this.My person I am learning about is Shawn Johnson she does gymnastic.When she was getting interveiwed she started to perfomed on the uneven bars it was amazing to see her perfoming.


paris said...

wow gabbrielle that story about we are the champions was very Intresting

Paris said...

Wow Gabrielle

That was a great story and it was preety interesting.

Rose said...

Hey Gabrille!!!
I like your script of Cross Country training you must have been tired then.I really like the way you said come on Helen you could do it!
Once I got back to class I sat down.It was like I couldn't even stand up or do anything because I was really tired too!!!