Wednesday, August 13, 2008

cross country

Ow my legs are getting a cramp I said to Helen Tupo as we were practising for cross country. I was tired as if i had been runing for hours my shoes were geting undone my toes were saw and my heart was pounding. I was getting thirsty and I was getting hanger.

When we started Helen tupos time and mine was 11;41;00 and our 2ND time was 11;43;15 sec.

I am going to beat my time.


Lyn said...

Hi it's me Lyn.Cross country is very annoying and it does hurt my feet.I was just wondering how did you feel when we first started cross country? If you want to know how I felt. I felt like I was running for my life because whenever we got up to any teachers they would be like "run come on do your best and run run like the wind."

Rose said...

Hey Gabrielle!!!
It's me Rose I just read your Cross country writing.It is very annoying and it does hurt my feet.It felt like I was running in the beijing olympic games.

Rose Room17!