Friday, September 30, 2011

New Zealand Conversation.

In room 19 we have had to research about the country for the rugby world cup. We were given New Zealand.
“Where is New Zealand in the world?” asked Racheal.
“Well New Zealand is in Oceania,” replied Gabby.

“Do you have a favorite rugby player in the New Zealand team?”.
“Yes! My favorite player in the All Blacks is Ma’a Nonu,.Who is your favorite rugby player?” I asked.

“My favorite rugby player is the key player Daniel Carter, I like him because of his awesome kicks,.What is the capital of N.Z?”.
“Well the capital of N.Z is Wellington,”

“What is the population of N.Z?”
“The population is 4.4 million people,”

“Does N.Z have a nation dish?”
“Yes this is my favorite bit about food!”. The dish is nation wide and it is called Hangi that is when you gather food such as potatoes, kumara, pork and many more vegetables and cook it in the ground .Are there any other things that you want to know about N.Z,”

“Yes what is the meaning of the flag?”
“In the top left hand corner is a bit of the England flag because of the royal family and the four stars represent the southern cross,”.

“Thanks for you time Gabby,”

“Your welcome Racheal,”

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