Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Tall Tale

With all my family waiting at the door for my aunt to come. We all had butterflies and we were sure that they would have too.“Surprise!” my whole family yelled as my aunt walked through the door with her new born baby in her hand and her two kids on each side of her. There was party poppers everywhere and two tables full of food. Balloons were flying around the house and everyone was just really happy to see my aunt that came form Australia and we hadn't seen her in three years.

10 mins later I saw the head lights of another car coming up it was a long black car with two massive wheels on it that were spreed along it was a limo What I exclaimed whats a limo doing up here then out came Prince Williams, Prince Harry, Princess Kate and Queen Elizabeth everyone was screaming and we all sat around and ate with them.

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