Thursday, March 24, 2011

My thoughts about Camp.

The count down is starting just 3 more days until camp. “YEAH!!!” I cant wait to see what sort of activities that we are doing. I have huge butterflies in my stomach I just cant wait. The camp name for this year is could “Take Charge”. Being the first year 8’s is really cool because we are doing different things from last years camp.

The group that I am in is Responsiablez. There are other groups like Respectablez , Carez, Motavatiez, and the Thinkers. Yesterday we did some group challenges the first one was make up a group chant and the second one was to get across the hall with 4 chairs stuck together , 4 class chairs and one mat. The first time we did it we failed the second time we did we made it. I cant wait until Camp.

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Ashley Welch said...

Hey, my name is Ashley Welch and I am from Mobile, Alabama in the United States. I have been assigned to read your blog post for an assignment for my EDM 310 class. You seem so excited about going to camp, I always enjoyed going to camp in the summertime. School's here don't really offer camps for us to go to though. They should start doing that. Hope you had a good time!!!