Thursday, May 20, 2010

An afternoon with Ms T

Check out our exceptional reward. It was Friday the 23 rd of April . Feki , April and I went with Ms T because we were the top students from last term in our class. April and I are the top Pocasters and Feki is our class Maths master. Ms T takes the top students in our class . We went to Kohimarama beach to eat. We ate huge burgers , hot chips and hot dogs, the burger was really delectable. Later we went off to Sylvia Park and went to the Cheapies shop and we got five dollars to spend each. Finally we had some chocolate ice cream and headed off home. Check out what we did.



Miss Lavakula said...

Hi Gabby,
You've done a fantastic job with those podcasts and a very lucky to have a special treat from Miss T. What a cool teacher! What did you buy with your $5 at the Cheapies shop in Sylvia Park?

From Miss Lavakula

Ashlee said...

hi gabs well you did have heaps of fun from Ash